American Roofing & Construction, LLC understands that finding a reputable roofing company can be daunting. However, with a little diligence, you can succeed. Here are a few things you should consider before hiring a good and reputable contractor:

  • The contractor should be licensed.

  • The contractor should provide a guarantee on all work.

  • The contractor should have insurance.

  • The contractor should provide references.

  • The contractor should not have an extensive involvement in civil lawsuits.

  • The contractor should pull out a permit.

  • The contractor should be certified

  • The contractor should have a good standing with BBB

We hope this advice is helpful. In addition, we encourage you to check our credentials as well. If you need more information about our company.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Having a new roof in your house is important, having a good roofing contractor to install it is even better. It is responsibility of the contractor to be updated with the newest information and products available so you can have the best roof possible. A roof is not just shingles or metal. A roof is a full system composed of different components and layers that when installed work together to protect your home. Replacing your roof is an important decision, it helps to protect your biggest investment, your home and gives a new look to your house. Make sure your contractor will replace all the roof components.

1. A complete tear-off of the existing roof materials down to the deck. Rotten decking or other problems can be detected and repaired to insure the shingles may be properly nailed in place on a solid deck.

2. High-quality synthetic underlayment is installed on every roof in lieu of the stand cheap paper felt. Synthetic felt doesn’t wrinkle, is class A fire rated, is warrantied for up to 6 months exposure if installed properly and is 10x stronger than paper felt. Synthetic underlayment doesn’t heat up like felt.

3. Ice & water shield is installed in all valleys, change of slope, under flashing and around roof penetrations Ice & water shield provides additional protection against leaks in the higher risk areas of the roof. Ice and water shield sets the nails when they go through this strong material.

4. Six nails are utilized to install all shingle types in lieu of the standard 4 nails. Manufacturers recommend 6 nails per shingle.

5. A rain cap is installed on top of all plumbing pipe boots.
Lead boots tend to be gnawed on and damaged by squirrels. The rubber boots are damaged by the UV rays from the Sun and tend to become brittle in about 10 years, often cracking (which results in a leak). The rain cap protects the rubber boot from the UV rays.

6. Ridge vent installation – Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof and ridge vent is the most effective ventilation system available A properly balanced attic ventilation system will help to: Remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration, prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck, minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint, limit the growth of harmful mold, safeguard your attic possessions against mildew damage, promote energy efficiency by reducing excessive heat in your attic.

7. Flashing – Flashing is important to prevent leaks, to seal or divert water. Replace flashing if needed, you need to make sure the flashing is not rusted or perforated so water can run smooth preventing leaks, Flashing is important around chimneys, agains vertical walls and other areas.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured


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